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Anchorage, AK

Site updated on July 15, 2009
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For computer repair or upgrades you can call AlaskaJoe. I do repairs, upgrades, network installations, Wireless Router set up, I remove SpyWare, Virus and Trojans. I can do just about anything you need done to your PC. Need RAM installed? Or have a new TV card you need installed? I cover all of Anchorage, Palmer and Wasilla. Special discount for Seniors and Military. Need help give me a call! I never charge for help over the phone. In Anchorage call 830-5927 
I am a field tech for companies like Dell Compaq/HP.
AlaskaJoe is a reseller for NOD32 Anti-Virus. We from the OnComputers Radio show feel this is the best Anti-Virus program on the market at this time. It checks for Virus updates every hour if your online. If you are on a dial up or you don't leave your computer online all of the time as soon as you connect to the internet it checks for updates. Not like some other popular Anti-Virus programs that only look for updates once a week. It runs in the background and you will never know it's running. To buy NOD32 Anti-Virus please go to http://AlaskaJoe.com/NOD32 There is a link for a free 30 day trial of NOD32 available on my web site.
If you are looking for the OnComputers show go to: http://OnComputers.info. You select the stream for your connection speed, the radio icon is a 45K feed, the snall if for dialup at 6.5K feed. these both play in Windows media player. You can listen to an archived show from http://OnComputers.info look for the Archive tab and just click on the year and then the date of the show.
OnComputers also has a chat room. You can get into our chat using mIRC or Pirch the server is: chat.mindprobes.net channel #OnComputers. We have moved the chat server to port 7000 (If you need help setting up mIRC, go here)You can join our chat by clicking here and it will open your web browser, (Thanks to JavaBeanz) We have a Newsgroup at: news://news.mindprobes.net/news.oncomputers
Data Recovery Form If you need help with recovering the data off of your dead hard drive we can help! Data Recovery by Seagate  
This is your
You can email your questions or comments to OnAir@OnComputers.info when we are on the air.
If anyone would like to download a US Flag for their email or web site here are a few I found. Click here This page has a lot of graphics it takes a few minutes to open on a dial-up connection.

For computer help, call or email me.

Anchorage (907) 830-5927
Toll-Free 1-888-238-6621

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